Push Me Pull You
[House House, VIC] 2v2 game about friendship and wrestling.
Square Heroes
[Gnomic Studios, WA] 4 player jetpack deathmatch.
One Heart
[2 Hit Studios, NSW] 4 player neon budisho quad-dule/quadrille.
Tank Battle Arena
[Twisted Shield Interactive, VIC] 4 player tank-related battling-based arena-game.
Blitz Bandits
[Kataplexia, WA] 2 player gameboy arena deathmatch.
Hands Off
[i2n Games, QLD] 1v1 fidgeting hand-on-hand peg-and-hole adventure.
Fatal Theory
[2 Hit Studios, NSW] 2 player retro brawler and street warfare guide.
Under the Sun: Full Moon
[Stegabyte, VIC] 4 player Curse-lifting castaways. Outwit, outplay, outlast all y'all.
Adversarial Manifesto
[Hexagod, VIC] 2 player pretension-building word fighter.
2 Shot
[SK Games, WA] 2 Player 2 shot spider robot confrontation.
[SK Games, WA] 2vs1 asymmetrical shmup boss battle.
[SK Games, WA] 4 player ninja kick-em-up.
[SK Games, WA] 2 player fishing/fighting romp.
[SK Games, WA] 4 player cowboy-themed bullet-propelled platforming racer.