28/OCT : GCAP Old School Party (link)

Gasolina, 25 Dukes Walk, South Wharf Promenade.
Networking and drinks after the first day of GCAP. Make friends and play games.

30/OCT : L.M.P.O. VIC (link)

The Old Bar, 74-76 Johnston st, Fitzroy.
Local Multi Player Only, fool. Local bands and indie games, together again.

31/OCT, 01/NOV, 02/NOV :
PAXAUS Common Man Takeover (link)

Common Man, 39 Dukes Walk, South Whard Promenade.
Step outside the flurry of PAX and have a drink over some local indie games. (No PAX pass needed!)

31/OCT, 01/NOV, 02/NOV :
Beta Bar Launch Weekend (link)

Portland Hotel, 127 Russel st, Melbourne.
Each night of PAX, head into town and check out the Beta Bar setup. You'll need a ticket though.

03/NOV : I.A. Start! (link)

Brolly Studios, Bennetts Lane, Melbourne.
OPENING NIGHT! Cheap bar, alleyway games, good times. Come celebrate as we officially begin our tour!

03/NOV ... 09/NOV :

Brolly Studios, Bennetts Lane, Melbourne.
Free exhibition, small bar, come relax with us and experience some amazing games.

?/NOV : L.M.P.O. NSW (link)

Some sweet sydney bands in a cozy underground bar.

13/NOV ... 16/NOV :

The Corner, 116 Abercrombie st, Chippendale.
A chilled little gallery with a donation bar. Come say hi to us in our Sydney home.

16/NOV : I.A. Sunday Session (link)

Freda's bar, 107-109 Regent st, Chippendale.
Help us carry some cabinets from the gallery to the pub for a chilled sunday session/farewell.

22/NOV : Indie devs and Chiptunes at I.A.(link)

White Canvas, 26 Church st, Fortitude Valley.
Local devs i2n and Peter Mills show some local games, Slato and Wilderness show some tunes.

20/NOV ... 24/NOV :

White Canvas, 26 Church st, Fortitude Valley.
Only 4 days of offical I.A. setup! We'll make it count, we have an amazing space, open til late every night we're there.

25/NOV, 26/NOV : Another thing (no link)

The Edge, Stanley place, Brisbane.
A couple of cabs entertaining and amazing people at the edge.

06/DEC : I.A. Opening show(link)

Kurb Gallery, 312A William st, Northbridge.
Come down from 5pm, then head to Pica bar after with us!

06/DEC ... 11/DEC :

Kurb Gallery, 312A William st, Northbridge.
Home again, come have a welcome-home beer and celebrate our tour. Also play some games?

12/DEC : I.A. Closing Party (link)

SK, 167 Fitzgerald st, Northbridge.